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Gayle and Dave Ode - Aunt Rita


I want to tell you how much having you assist Aunt Rita with her affairs during the last years of her life meant to her and us. Knowing she had a compassionate, professional helping her oversee her mail, appointments, health care, and finances during the last years of her life was a blessing.

Since we were so far away your updates were vital to us and our extended family across the country. They kept us aware of her health changes and choices, doctor recommendations, and state of mind.

Your friendship was vital to her as her friends died and she was not able to get out on her own. I know she always looked forward to your visits and had a list of things for you to help her accomplish. The party's to celebrate her anniversary and birthday were much enjoyed. And her outing to the restaurant to enjoy a margarita was a highlight for her. You became family and we can never thank you enough for the kindness you showed both to her and us.

You were a God sent for us and I know you are for others as well.

With sincere thanks,
- Gayle and Dave Ode (Nephew)  

Dale & Sonja

Crystal's empathy seems more automatic, genuine, energetic and powerful than in anyone else I know; her insight solves problems. She's always there for Mom's issues, big or small, medical, emotional, or spiritual, handling all situations with grace, charm, amazing perception, and, when called for, firmness.

- Dale & Sonja (Daughter)  

Paul O. (Nephew)

Crystal and her team at Geriatric Resources were a tremendous asset to us in coordinating care for our aunt. They were caring, considerate, helpful and diligent in providing information, answers and professional opinions. Coordinating care long distance is tough, but with Crystal and her team, there was a level of trust and professionalism that was never questioned.

- Paul O. (Nephew)  

Janet Weir (Daughter)

The key to Crystal's effectiveness? Teamwork. Quite simply her commitment to working in partnership with the people whose responsibility it is to ensure the safety and well-being of their loved one.

Without the involvement of Geriatric Resources, each day of my dear mother's final year would have been perilous and her quality of life unacceptably diminished...

They took charge of the practicalities and supported us all with empathy and compassion. Emails, which somehow managed to be both insightful and incisive, were copied to all concerned, so that information was shared, usually in real time, on a regular, frequent, transparent basis, thereby easing the decision-making process for me. Phone calls day or night to other time zones were never a problem. Calmly but with speed and efficiency, they made things happen.

To the very end, they safeguarded her dignity and reaffirmed her worth as a human being. I will always be comforted to think that even as she imperceptibly slipped away, my mother was not alone because Crystal had come to visit her - and immediately sensed.

- Janet Weir (Daughter)  

Rick Realsen (Son)

Dear Crystal, Peggy & Petra,

Thanks so much for all your hard work. My Mother really enjoyed you all very much and I can't tell you all how much you have helped our family throughout all of this process.

God Bless you all!
- Rick Realsen (Son)  

Laurel (Daughter)

Crystal Littlejohn brightened the last years of my mother's life, providing joyful and empowering support to Mom, and knowledgeable and caring support to all our family. She was our cheerleader, confidante, and executive assistant.

I can't say enough about her invaluable support.
- Laurel (Daughter)  

Susie M. Parran (Daughter)

I cannot say enough about Crystal Littlejohn and how instrumental she was in helping our father receive exemplary care in the last years of his life. Her expertise and insight about what Dad needed (and what we needed), and the incredible compassion and understanding she showed all of us, throughout, made a difficult time a lot easier...

Crystal is a 'gem'
- Susie M. Parran (Daughter)

Rhiannon Saxey-CM Family

I cannot put into words how much I love Crystal Littlejohn and her team! We could not have been luckier to have a family member refer us to Geriatric Resources for help with my grandmother. We could not have made it through some difficult times without Crystal's help. She is incredibly professional, resourceful, trustworthy and honest. She has been there for our EVERY need and has made our lives a million times easier.

My grandmother is well taken care of in her final years and it couldn't have happened without Crystal's advice and orchestration. Love her, love her, love her. She is an angel. We are so grateful for her and her team.

- Rhiannon Saxey (Granddaughter)  

Cheryl Kraft (Daughter)

I cannot recommend Crystal and her team enough. I was lucky enough to have Crystal recommended to me when I needed a care manager for my father. Crystal's warmth, kindness, empathy and professionalism are apparent as soon as she comes into the room. Being on a different coast from Dad, I really needed someone who was willing to communicate with me frequently to ease my mind about his situation and this she did.

In addition to befriending Dad, making sure he had everything he needed and visiting him regularly, she was a strong advocate for him with doctors and the care facility where he resided. Her familiarity with the medical issues of the geriatric community was extremely helpful in making sure Dad got the best care.

Additionally, when he was admitted to the hospital for the final time, she was with him, consulted with the medical team there and was able to give me frequent updates on his situation.

Crystal enriched my father's life in his last year and was able to help me and my family through a difficult time.

- Cheryl Kraft (Daughter)

Paula 'Snow' Colley-Timorah Pernaitis

Greetings! As another year ends, you all have made my life & my mom's so very stress free. In years of great stress during mom's transitions of her elder years, Crystal you were a tremendous source of light & emotional comfort as you guided me though unknown territory. Your professional confidence and kind compassion assisted my soul profoundly. Your staff has been supreme. Petra is a phone delight. Helpful, sincere, so friendly, always reassuring me and putting me at ease.

Thank you again for your excellent care for mother. I know on a deeper level of awareness, she is happy to see and be with you Luann! A constant smiling face & attitude!

I am so grateful again for all of the time you give my mom. She always said she never wanted to live with us or for us to take care of her. Your services allow her wishes to manifest and give me (us) a peace that we would not be feeling otherwise.

- Paula "Snow" Colley (Daughter)