Being LGBTQ+ in the Aging Population

Being LGBTQ+ in the Aging Population Sarah had a fascinating, yet most likely common, story. The day I met her I had no idea that we would sit for hours talking about her life and experiences. I was just helping a neighbor whose aunt was visiting. Sarah was that aunt and she wanted to share […]

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How the Elderly are Being Scammed 

How the Elderly are Being Scammed  We’re all familiar with the world of scammers and hackers. There are so many methods used to try to steal from others that it can be difficult to keep up with warnings for our aging family members. It is important for younger generations to make sure that protective knowledge […]

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Engagement Combats Loneliness

Engagement Combats Loneliness Loneliness increases as we age due to living alone, losing friends and family, and dealing with physical and mental changes which may lead to chronic illness. Loneliness often leads to depression and increased anxiety which may then deteriorate the desire to participate in life. Research shows that the health risks from loneliness […]

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