Caring for Your Aging Parents from a Distance During COVID


If your aging parents live at a distance you may be very concerned about how they are coping with various aspects that result from the COVID pandemic. You may worry about their safety, health, isolation, cognitive decline, or numerous other concerns. There are some ways that you can make sure that they are receiving optimal care.

An Aging Life Care Manager® can check on the wellbeing and health of your aging relative. Their expertise includes a holistic view of all aspects of care, including physical, medical, mental health, and safety. If you need someone local to check on them, help make care decisions, and communicate with you about their needs and how best to provide solutions, then a care manager is the right person to involve.

A care manager knows all the local resources available to your loved one and can help coordinate care. If they need someone to come into the home to provide assistance, whether full-time or part-time, the care manager can assess their current situation and help provide you with information about the best care providers to match with their needs. Once there is care in the home, the care manager can make regular visits to make sure that the care is of the highest quality.

If your loved one becomes ill or needs medical care assistance, the care manager can be your local resources to take them to appointments or even make sure they have an advocate in the Emergency Department. Once home, the care manager makes sure that they are being well cared for and communicates with the family to provide peace of mind.

Having a care manager involved is not just about crisis care and medical interventions, it is also about their general wellbeing. Our practice works with clients to create engagement opportunities. What this means is we learn about activities that they enjoy, and we make a way for them to engage in their favorite activities. This is not just about arts and crafts, these are thoughtful and meaningful engagements that fit with their lives. The purpose of this service is to help older adults remain engaged as studies have shown that engagement helps prevent isolation and decline in cognitive abilities.

During the time of COVID, engagement is of utmost importance. Let us help your loved one participate in activities that stimulate their minds and help avoid isolation and loneliness.

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