The Most Meaningful Gifts


Do you remember a gift you received that stands out above all other gifts? You most likely remember who gave it to you as well as the time and place you received the gift. It is a common thread to hear that the most meaningful gifts are not always the latest gadget or material possessions. Usually, it is an experience, event, or family gathering. Struggling to pick out just the right gift for others can be difficult. Here are some tips on a way to pick out a meaningful gift for the older adult in your life.

The most important part of gift giving is to get to know the recipient better. They may be your family members and you may have known them for years but learning more about their past stories, their favorite activities when they were young, and hearing about their favorite music, movies, and food over the years, will help you plan a gift that is meaningful to them.

Based on what you learn about them a good gift could be finding one of their favorite movies and setting a plan to watch it together or setting them up with a way to listen to a playlist of their favorite songs over the years. If they have a record player, you could search out vinyl albums for them or even purchase a record player along with some albums. Studies show that music is very beneficial to those who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of cognitive decline. Perhaps plan to make their favorite meal and enjoy time with them.

Sentimental gifts also include a way to provide photo memories for them. There are several digital photo frames that have an option to send photos to it from a distance. This is a wonderful way to share your memories with someone who loves to be in the loop about what is happening in your life. You could also create a scrapbook or have their favorite photo made into a large canvas print. Several services offer options to print photos onto a lap blanket or have them turned into a wall calendar.

As far as technological gifts, with meaning, there is the GrandPad tablet which makes it easier for them to communicate with you and other family members. There are also cell phones such as the Jitterbug or RAZ Memory Cell Phone that make it easy for older persons or those with dementia to use.

Another type of meaningful gift is an experience or event. If you learn of a favorite hobby, athletic activity, or other outing, you can work with our team to plan a Thoughtful Engagement. Whether you work with us to plan a series of their favorite activities or events or you gift a single engagement for them it is sure to provide a meaningful gift memory for them. We will help fulfill their wishes to engage in their favorite activity. This plan is customized to their needs and abilities. This is not just arts and crafts but a very thoughtful process of finding what is uniquely engaging to them.

There are so many touching ways to connect with the older adults in your life and we hope these ideas give you a jumping off point. Remember gifts throughout the year are a loving thought. Happy gift giving!

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